Currently there is one hostel for nursing in Wazirabad Institute of Cardiology, Wazirabad. In future plan there will be one more hostel for doctors. Medical Superintendent controls this hostel with the help of Deputy Medical Superintendent, Building department beautifully design the building and every facility is being provided in the nurses.


Quality medicines and disposables are being procured and dispensed to all poor and entitled patients. OPD pharmacy is catering almost two to three hundred (200-300) patients per day and one month medicine is being given. Qualified personals are available for patient counseling and ensuring that patients are taking medicines in proper dosage regimen and time.


Cafetria service is available in the hospital for both patients and hospital staff. Customers are either charged a flat rate for admission (as in a buffet) or pay at the check-out for each item. There is special discount for hospital employees and many dishes are provided in cafeteria. Dinning table and chairs are in the cafeteria for providing better service to the patients and hospital staff.

Meeting Rooms

There is a conference room in the hospital for meetings. All the meetings, events, lectures or special instructions are given to the related persons in the room. A multimedia projector is in the meeting room for better guidance to the viewers. Doctor's meeting, Presentations, Reports Presenting, Hospital Flow chart and many other meeting held in this room. Meeting room provide the facility of furniture, projector, lighting, sound system, internet facility etc.

Doctor's Tea Room

For refreshment of doctors there is a tea room in the hospital. In the brake all the doctors goes there and discuss the matters for better service providing to the patients.